Committee Members

Founders: Thyla, Sheila

Event Organisers: Lisa, Sheila, Marie-Sarah

Outreach: Joanne, Lydia, Thalia

Social Media and Publicity: Ela, Rachel, Thalia, Lisa

Msc Representative: Swati

Thyla photo



“We founded the WISDOM group in 2016 and we’ve seen it move from strength to strength. As a founder, I work with all the committee members to both promote, and ensure we stay true to, our vision. This includes coming up with new initiatives and engaging with groups and organisations that align with our mission.”


RHUL WISDOM Sheila Cobourne


“The WISDOM group has become an excellent way to connect with like minded individuals and organisations that are working towards encouraging more women into Infomation Security and Mathematics.”





Thalia helps to organise and advertise events and co-ordinates outreach to other Universities. She is responsible for our Facebook page and organises blog posts.



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Lisa is the School Manager and leads the administrative teams in the Maths and ISG departments. She has a passion for writing and seeing women achieve their full potential in life. She hopes that the work of the WISDOM group is inspiring to all who engage with it.


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Rachel is always looking for new opportunities to raise the profile of WISDOM. She is also behind our twitter feed @WisdomRhul – why not follow us?






Lydia is a second year PhD student, interested in cryptography, particularly signature schemes. She is part of the outreach group and the organising committee. 



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Ela deals with publicity for the WISDOM group and is part of  the organising committee.




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Joanne is part of the outreach group and is helping to organise a visit from an overseas student.



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Marie-Sarah is currently organising and leading our local edition of the Voice and Influence program.




After joining MSc in Information Security (part time) in September 2016, I very quickly realised that my passion about helping to demystify the world of technology, and encouraging women to take an informed decision about entering (or not entering) in the field of science and technology aligns quite neatly with that of the purpose and the initiatives of WISDOM group at RHUL.

I look forward to be useful at WISDOM by representing MSc students, and also by connecting the two very different networks – corporate world and academia – that I am part of so each can tap into the resources of another and add further value to each other.