Our second annual Winter Networking Event

The Wisdom group held its second annual Winter Networking Event on 15th December. After an introduction from Professor Keith Mayes (Head of our School of Mathematics and Information Security), delegates enjoyed three talks from a range of speakers. We also took the opportunity to present a gift to the Wisdom founders Thyla and Sheila to thank them for all their hard work for the group!

In the first talk, Dr Rikke Bjerg Jensen, Lecturer in the Information Security Group here at Royal Holloway, described her varied career journey towards her present role and gave an overview of her recent research interests. These centre on everyday security practices enabled through digital technology and mobile devices. Dr Jensen explained how her people-oriented approach draws from her experience in such diverse areas as performing arts and journalism to enable participants to explain the role of such technology in their lives.

Dr Rikke Bjerg Jensen presenting at the Second Annual Wisdom Winter Networking Event

Dr Rikke Bjerg Jensen telling us about her journey to the ISG

Next, Dr Lorraine Foreman-Peck, Freelance Research and Evaluation Consultant, and Natasha Riley, Outreach Officer at Bletchley Park Trust, reported on an action research enquiry based on their mathematical problem solving programme for schools. The research investigates gender representation and equality, considering issues such as how to encourage girls to be more confident. The programme is focussed around the Bletchley Park story, and one example mentioned was promoting the role and impact of women who worked at Bletchley Park in technical roles.

The final talk was given by Dr Tine Munk, Lecturer in the Criminology and Sociology department at Middlesex University. Dr Munk’s research focusses on cybercrime and she described recent examples, involving technologies such as the Internet of Things, as well as regulatory aspects. The talk was well received and was followed by a lively discussion. As is now tradition, the discussion continued over mince pies and mulled wine!

Dr Tine Munk presenting at the Second Annual Wisdom Winter Networking Event

Dr Tine Munk describing legal challenges associated with cybercrime

Thanks again to all the speakers and the attendees, and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest Wisdom news and upcoming events.

Rachel Player, PhD student.